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Not only does Terri believe in the power of brand – she’s built an entire career on it. Her visionary mindset and brand insights have enabled Terri to sell into companies Fortune 500 and various organizations 100 times her size; brand has served as the persistent anchor for her customers at times of rapid transformation; brand has opened doors to new relationships.

Brand has allowed Terri and her team to disrupt the status quo, time and time again. Now, Terri is taking her extensive brand acumen and hard-won strategies and applying them to support extraordinary executives through Brand One.

Terri is the founder and former CEO of Ecuity Edge, the creator of the WinningEdge365 platform, now powered by Microsoft. She built the global-award winning company from the ground up, earning Microsoft Gold Partner designation in less than two years. Her journey took her through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, underscored the value of relationships and exceptional service, and reinforced her sense of self. As a CEO, or what she refers to as a “Catalyst Empowering Others”, Terri knows it’s all about serving others with compassion, innovation, and deep-rooted work ethic.

Prior to Ecuity Edge, Terri led a successful marketing firm, specializing in growth startups and strategic partnerships. She has a long track record of crafting high-performance marketing communications campaigns leveraging brand as the cornerstone to success. Today, Terri serves as President of the Women Executive Channel Advisory Network (WECAN), dedicated to empowering, uplifting and closing the gender and equity gap for women across the technology partner ecosystem.

Terri’s original business mentors and teachers were her parents. She grew up watching them risk it all – and give it their all – as entrepreneurs and small business owners. Her parents passed down their grit, competency, and passion. Both family and faith are central to Terri’s own brand story. When she’s not coaching an executive on their personal brand or advising another CEO, Terri is on the golf course – she’ll never say no to a round of 18.



Joanna is a sought-after brand champion, communications expert, and executive advisor with more than 15 years leading marketing and communication strategies. While her career has spanned all areas of marketing, Joanna is a writer at heart, known for transforming abstract ideas, complex topics, and points of conviction into relatable stories. She has crafted brand narratives and engaging thought leadership content for executives of startups to Fortune 500s throughout diverse industries.

Jennifer Waldsmith


Jennifer understands the importance of creating a strong online brand and visual identity that speaks to your specific audience –  it’s her passion and professional purpose. She has built her career across multiple industries. Now, she specializes in web design and social media content for executives and entrepreneurs, where she and her expert team create a cohesive online presence across all channels.